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'Artistic Portrait Photography & Photoshop Intensive' MASTERCLASS

* Inclusive of Studio Shoot with Model


J. Redza's Masterclass —'Artistic Portrait Photography & Photoshop Intensive'—is now open for registration.

Join photographer J. Redza on creating compelling fine art portrait photography. Beginning with the basics of photography, J. Redza will walk you through all the steps in production, lighting, retouching and post-­production through this 2-day intensive workshop, where you will learn the process of crafting a unique, creative photoshoot with a model.

Limited places are available. Open to only 8 participants per masterclass, for ages 16 and above.


Day 1 : In Studio Exploration For 'Artistic Portrait Photography', with Model

10am - 1pm :

  • Explore the foundations of camera, studio space & lights.

  • Learn the importance of communication in working with a model.

  • Explore the importance of conceptual ideas, hair & make up for artistic portraiture.

  • Learn how to take a light meter reading, adjust main light & fill light for your shoots.

  • Photography Session for Participants.

1pm - 2pm : Lunch Break

2pm - 4.30pm : Photography Session for Participants.

  • Explore the different types of lighting with strobe lights and gels.

4.30pm - 5pm : Tea Break

5pm- 6.30pm : Photography Session for Participants

Day 2 : Photoshop Intensive

10am - 1pm : 

  • Learn the basic prime tools that professional photographers use for their photography in Photoshop.

  • Learn how to adjust levels, contrast, colour, saturation and vibrancy to make your photography look amazing.

  • Learn to touch up and enhance skin, eyes & hair for portraits.

1pm - 2pm : Lunch Break

2pm - 4.30pm :

  • Learn how professionals 'clone', 'airbrush' and 'paint' on photos.

  • Learn how to work with 'layers' to maximize your creative flow in Photoshop.

  • Learn how to do 'double exposure' in Photoshop with your photos.

4.30 - 6.30pm : 

  • Learn how to make artistic collages with your photos.

  • Learn how to add on fonts to your artistic photography for your own personal portfolio, marketing & promotional purposes.

  • Viewing of final artworks.

Dates : 15th & 16th December 2018
(Saturday & Sunday)
Time : 10am - 6.30pm (for 2 days)
Venue :
Unit A - 13 & 14, PJ Industrial Park, 
Jalan Kemajuan, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Masterclass Fee : RM750 / per participant
(inclusive of lunch & tea time)
Earlybirds  : RM650 / per participant
(before 1st December 2018)
To book a spot and make payments, please whatsapp J. Redza ARTS at +6017-6145379
Things you must have with you for both days: 
1. Your camera, lenses & cables to transfer your photos to your laptop. 
2. Your laptop, complete with Adobe Photoshop or something similiar.

About J. Redza


As a multi-disciplinary artist, photographer, producer and creative director with an eye for truth and sensitivity, J. Redza’s scope of photography work includes portraiture, event, fashion, pre-wedding, wedding, editorial, fine art and interior design. J. Redza has worked for the likes of Prestige, Marie Claire & Harpers Bazaar magazine to name a few. Her fine art photography artworks has been exhibited in art galleries in Kuala Lumpur and Italy. Her most recent work includes marketing & promotional photography for McAinsh Consultancy, London & BBC.

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