J. Redza

With more than 30+ years of being in the ARTS & more than 25 years of advertising & branding experience, J. Redza is known for her ability to master multiple art forms and empowering others to unleash their infinite creative potentials from within through life's vulnerabilities. She has empowered many into becoming their own 'creative masters' of their own 'authentic' creations. 


J. Redza was born into the world of arts, raised by a bohemian lifestyle by both artist parents and an arts family of art historian, painters, sculptors, actors, dancers, choreographers, musicians, fashion designers, art curators and gallerists.
Trained from an early age as an artist and dancer from the tender age of 3, she started performing for TV shows at the age of 4. Her artistic repertoire includes Photography, Painting, Sculpture, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary & Musical Theatre. She was trained under The Royal Academy of Dance London & The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and began teaching at the age of 15.


Being a soulful performer at heart, she became the ambassador of 'Coca-Cola' at the age of 15 and again at 19, which pulled her into acting & modelling. While spending her early years as a dancer, model, actor for commercials and exploring TV presenting. Formally educated in Art & Design, she then learnt film production by working part-time for Planet Films at the age of 17. She started producing award-winning commercials for Leo Burnett Advertising Kuala Lumpur by 19; alongside award-winning directors such as Yasmin Ahmad, Farouk Aljoffrey, Kamal Mustapha, to name a few. Her brand clients include Sony, Nike,  Petronas, Celcom, Malaysia Airlines, Maxis, Nestle, McDonald's, CIMB, Levi's and many more. 


Her experience as a performing artist includes choreography and performing in a number of national musical and independent plays: 'After Waking', MAPKL, Publika Solaris (2011); 'Breathe' Dance Performance at Dance Box in Actor's Studio KL (2011); Junji Delfino's Lush Life in Concert at KLPAC (2011) and 'Aladdin, The Musical Comedy' (2016). She played the character Josephine Baker and was part of the ensemble for 'The Secret Life of Nora' (2011), directed by internationally renowned and award-winning West End musical theatre director, Steven Dexter. 


As an event producer, in 2013, she produced and managed the “M50” Selamat Hari Malaysia exhibition (Malaysia Day Celebration), the largest art celebration which took place for The National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur, Tourism Malaysia & MapKL, managing more than 150 artists & performers, art exhibitions, dance & performances, performance art, art talks & art related events through 40 art galleries nationwide, covering both Peninsular Malaysia as well as Sabah and Sarawak. As an arts producer, activist and humanitarian, her events and projects through the years strongly focus on breaking the boundaries of 'race' & 'religion'.

Since then she has built a reputation as an multi-disciplined artist, producer and creative director with an eye for truth and sensitivity. Her scope of photography work includes portraiture, event, fashion, pre-wedding, wedding, editorial, fine art and interior design. Her portraiture repertoire has covered a colourful range of award-winning personalities from F1 drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg, Felipe Massa, actress Kelly Hu, actor Charles Dance, designer and architect Nini Andrade Silva & Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille. Her fine art photography artworks have been featured in The National Visual Arts Gallery KL (2012) through their exhibit "Waktu & Ketika", alongside 6 other participating master photographers of Malaysia, which included Eric Peris & Yee I-Lann. Her photography work graced magazines and media worldwide. Most recent work includes branding, marketing & promotional photography for McAinsh Consultancy, London & BBC.


In June 2014, she was invited by IT’S LIQUID International ArtExpo to exhibit her artwork “To You Be Your Faith, To Me Be Mine” at the prestigious Palazzo Albrizzi in Venice, which took place during the Annual Architecture Biennale in Italy. She is the first Malaysian to be invited by the organisation and to be featured amongst some of the most famous artists featured by IT’S LIQUID International ArtExpo which included Damien Hirst, Murakami, Jeff Koons & Anish Kapoor.


In 2017, she founded 'ARTS.CONSCIOUSNESS'. A creative empowerment and soul expansion platform for humanity. Her 'ARTS.CONSCIOUSNESS' Creative Empowerment & Soul Expansion Workshops help empower people through ‘arts’ and ‘energy’ consciousness; helping others unleash their infinite creative potentials and embrace their 'authentic' master creator from within. The ‘ARTS.CONSCIOUSNESS’ workshops has been well received by Murfest in 2017. Her ability to intuitively feel and empathise for others has the capacity to heal and empower others in a very deep, authentic and expansive way. 

Being exposed to various types of meditation, yoga techniques and esoteric studies from the age of 5, it led her to further explore her creative, energy and spiritual studies through various other masters from China, India, Nepal & Indonesia, whom she met in real life usually within a week after meeting them first in ‘dream-states’. She has spent almost a lifetime studying and exploring the ‘arts’ & ‘energy’ consciousness; amongst various modalities which includes Vippasana, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin & Kriya Yoga, Tantra, Pranic Healing, Nei-Qong and Chi-Qong.


J. Redza has been awarded 'The Woman of Style & Substance Award' by Marie Claire Malaysia for both 2009 & 2014. She was also featured in 2014 amongst the top 6 most creative women in Malaysia.