The Creative Empowerment
& Soul Expansion Workshop
‘ARTS.CONSCIOUSNESS’ is a powerful and healing platform which is infinite.
Creative. Authentic. Free Flowing. Healing. Empowering.
It is a powerful and healing platform for humanity that empowers your creative energy, which takes you beyond your boundaries or limitations. Restore your vibrancy and vitality with 'ARTS.CONSCIOUSNESS'.
The 'ARTS.CONSCIOUSNESS' platform allows you to explore the vastness of our authentic soul, pure imagination, emotions, innate creative energy from within and helps us connect to the universal cosmic intelligence where brilliant ideas and infinite possibilities exist. 
‘ARTS.CONSCIOUSNESS’ is a fun, contemplative, healing, creative and freeing module created to help empower humanity break through life struggles & challenges, overcome disconnectedness, insecurities, limiting belief systems and conditionings which hold us back from living our best life in the 'now'. Transition into breaking ‘FREE’ from false belief systems and unleash your own unique ‘AUTHENTIC’ creative power from within through ‘ARTS.CONSCIOUSNESS'.
The 'ARTS.CONSCIOUNESS' module was created by J. Redza, from more than 30+ years of being in the arts as a performer and more that 20+ years of being a teacher and guide. It is a combination of 'ARTS' & 'ENERGY' consciousness. Everything which holds us back in life is connected to our personal spiritual emotions, belief systems, past conditionings and our inbility to connect to our soul & creative expressions.
‘ARTS.CONSCIOUSNESS’ will empower you to be the conscious 'master creator' that you are.


It was the first time I attended MURFEST and I signed up for the workshops by simply following my intuition. Creative Empowerment has caught my eyes and when I met J., I immediately felt connected with her, she has such a beautiful energy. The masculine musician accompanying her has created perfect balance with her feminine nature and as they played they took us out of this world with their beats. J. gently guided us through our movements during the dance meditation without us having to open our eyes. After the movement meditation we shared our feelings in a safe atmosphere. It was pure magic and I'm grateful for this experience.